Sharing a glass of wine with a friend whilst nibbling on delicious cured meats and sumptuous cheeses is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. Summer or Winter, rain or shine, the core experience is the same. Bath city centre has a variety of wine bars that empower this gentle pass time, for us a few stand out.

Barton Street Wine Bar feels hidden on a side street, with a seductive charm that is almost Milanese in character. The small rooms and wooden furniture are comforting, and the big windows allow you to look out into the street to watch the passers-by. Their wine selection is high quality at good prices, and the food is simply delicious.

Charcuterie and Cheese @ Barton Street Wine Bar

Vino Vino have a seating terrace on the street and  more seating under the building colonnade, so it is a great place for year round alfresco moments. Their extensive wine list gives you a lot to choose from, and their food menu has delicous things like their Artisan Board for sharing heaven.

Artisan Board @ Vino Vino

Other bars with wine to note include; The Tasting Room, the bistro character and excellent wine pairings create a continental vibe; Joya, with rooms that look out over the weir; a perfect pit stop for the wine connoisseur on a sightseeing day out.