A proper British fried breakfast is an institution, if done well life just seems that bit more peachy. A good fry-up needs to be fresh and juicy, crisp and caramelised, and not too fatty. Listing the definitive components of a fry-up is a minefield, items like black pudding, tomatoes, mushrooms and baked beans divide the nation. But most would agree the sausage, bacon and eggs are the consistent star of the show.

Kingsmead Kitchen

Café Retro has a great reputation for the traditional English breakfast and we agree they serve a quality fry-up, but for us Kingsmead Kitchen wins hands down. The quality of the food is fantastic and the gorgeous café surroundings make it a treat. The super relaxed atmosphere, happy faces and views out over Kingsmead Square make it the perfect place for a lazy start to the day.

Breakfast @ Kingsmead Kitchen

If the fried breakfast doesn’t float your boat, try a breakfast sandwich at The Courtyard Cafe which you can design yourself or visit Café Retro for pancakes and maple syrup!

Pancakes and maple syrup @ Cafe Retro