View from The Bathwick Boatman river bank in Bath, with punt boats in the foreground, and a Pulteney Cruisers tourist boat passing by, creating a picturesque riverside scene

Boat Tours & River Cruises

Journey through history and nature, gliding along Bath's Avon river, discovering iconic landmarks and scenic beauty

Open fireplace at The Bathampton Mill in Bath

Winter Warmers

Yes, the days in Winter are short and cold, but that means you have more opportunities to see sunrise and...

Full English Breakfast at Kingsmead Kitchen in Bath

Hearty English Breakfast

A proper British fried breakfast is an institution, if done well life just seems that bit more peachy. Find out where the best fry-up is in Bath.

Tomahawk steak at The Cowshed in Bath

Juicy Steaks

The best steakhouses in Bath: The Herd - Hudson Steakhouse

View of Bath from Bath Skyline Walk

Views of the City

Find out where the best views in Bath, England are. Viewpoints include Alexandra Park, Little Solsbury Hill, The Hare & Hounds and Lansdown Crescent...

Django burger at MeatBusters in Bath

Bath's Best Burger

Find out where the best burgers in Bath are.

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