Bath's Best Burger

Django burger at MeatBusters in Bath
MeatBusters: Django Burger

Burgers have to be dirty, full of mouth watering yumminess with just enough fat and juice to make it naughty but nice. The fries on the side have to be crisp, and any slaw needs to be fresh and punchy. The GPT  delivers all these qualities, with a changing menu of burgers to tempt you. The smokehouse style beef patty is the key, but they also serve chicken fillets, pulled pork, and meat free extravaganzas like goats cheese with crispy aubergine. You cannot be prim and proper with these creations, you just have to get in there and let the juices flow.

Chicken fillet burger at Green Park Tavern in Bath
Green Park Tavern: Chicken fillet burger

If you are hungering for a range of delicious choice then MeatBusters is for you; fantastic quality and uncompromising flavour. They serve a range of fantastic burgers, lusciously topped fries and potent cocktails. Everything is cooked to order in their tiny kitchen, so service can be slow at busy times, but worth the wait as it is all made from fresh locally sourced produce. For the extreme eater that loves chili, “The Hulk” is their book in advance food challenge, which has to be seen to be believed!

The majority of pubs in the city centre serve up burgers, some great and some to be missed. For us the most decadent is “The Hangover” which can be found at The Cork , and The Bath Brew House serves up a mouth watering burger that always delivers.

Brewski burger at The Bath Brew House in Bath
The Bath Brew House: Brewski burger

For a speedy feast, the Schwarz Bros is a Bath burger institution that should be experienced by all connoisseurs of the meaty delights. The brothers Schwarz serve up quality takeaway burgers, well made from great ingredients. With 2 outlets in the city centre you can squirrel your treasure home or smuggle back to your hotel room for a secret feast, or just find a cosy bench to wolf it down.

Goat cheese burger at Green Park Tavern in Bath
Green Park Tavern: Goat cheese burger

If we have missed a Bath gem let us know, we’ll visit and taste test in secret: hard work, but someone has to do it!