Juicy Steaks

Tomahawk steak at The Cowshed in Bath
The Cowshed: Tomahawk steak

For pure unadulterated steak heaven join The Herd ! For us this restaurant serves the best Steakhouse , all locally sourced and served with consistent quality. We like our steak rare or medium-rare depending on the cut, ie dark red, warm and juicy. Often when we dine out medium-rare seems to be an impossible request, but the herd delivers every time. They really know how to select, cook and rest their meat. Keeping it simple paired with the rustic interiors and relaxed atmosphere means we just keep going back.

8oz fillet at The Herd in Bath
The Herd: 8oz fillet

Our next favourite is the Hudson Steakhouse , a more formal and sophisticated affair for that special occasion. The menu provides a decadent selection to choose from and the steaks are well sourced. Just like The Herd they respect their meat and cook it as requested. The truffle fries divide us, but his and hers is always a good approach for side dishes!

If we have missed a Bath gem let us know, we’ll visit and taste test in secret: hard work, but someone has to do it!