Ultimate Romantic Spots

View from The Bathwick Boatman river bank in Bath, with punt boats in the foreground, and a Pulteney Cruisers tourist boat passing by, creating a picturesque riverside scene
The Bathwick Boatman: Punt boats and Pulteney Cruisers travelling by

If you are planning a Romantic weekend in Bath and need some inspiration, look no further. We live here and got married here, we can help you find the romantic secrets of the city.

Prior Park is renowned as one of the top spots for proposals in Bath, and it is truly beautiful forming the perfect memorable moment. But for us Sham Castle and Little Solsbury Hill provide a more intimate moment, with great views of Bath. Sham castle is on the skyline bus tour, so you can avoid the walk, but Little Solsbury Hill is an hour walk from the city centre (if it is windy take your kite).

View of Prior Park valley, palladian bridge and city of Bath
Prior Park: Palladian bridge and city of Bath

A glass of fizz or a cheeky cocktail is always a good start to any romantic moment, and there are plenty of Cocktails . If the weather is not great or you are in need of a quiet moment, Opa bar has an outdoor vault and terrace with views over the river.

Overlooking Avon river from Opa, Bath vault dining area
Opa: View from vault overlooking Avon river

A lazy summers day punting on the river creates lots of fun and laughter, when followed by dinner on the veranda at The Bathwick Boatman it turns into an unforgettable day. If you don’t fancy doing the hard work, a boat trip across to Bathampton also hits the spot. The Old Mill Hotel has a solitary table in a corner of their garden next to the weir, perfect spot for soaking up the view and talking for hours.

Bathampton Weir and The Bathampton Mill restaurant in Bath during Summer
Bathampton Wier: View of weir and The Bathampton Mill during Summer

On a cold frosty day a game of mini golf hits the spot, no one else is mad enough to be there so you have the place to yourself. Followed by a hot chocolate or a warming Sunday Lunch at Marlborough Tavern makes it a treat.

The Botanic Gardens in Royal Victoria Park provide a quiet place for a romantic picnic, away from the crowds and secluded in beautiful scenery. In the eastern corner there is a cluster of Magnolia trees with benches and a lawn beneath them, stunning flowers in spring and enclosed by vibrant green leaves during the summer.

Royal Victoria Park Botanic Garden in Bath
Royal Victoria Park: Botanic Garden

For a romantic alfresco meal White Hart Inn  and Yak Yeti Yak have intimate courtyard gardens and both serve great food.