Views of the City

View of Bath from Bath Skyline Walk
Bath Skyline Walk

As a World Heritage Site all agree Bath is beautiful, walking the city centre oozes Georgian charm. But if you reach a little further you can experience some of the best views of the city and experience some of the urban wildlife!

The Skyline Walk is the best way to experience all the views, but if you don’t fancy the 6 mile hike head to some of our select spots. As with all good things, reaching some of these views does take a bit of effort, but all are worth the climb.

Alexandra Park is our top view. There are a cluster of benches on the north-east corner of the park that capture a panoramic view of the city. You’ll see the expanse of the Georgian city centre and can easily pick out The Abbey , The Circus and Royal Crescent . It is a great spot, with a café and toilets, the park is lovely for summer picnics. You can walk up to Alexandra Park on hard surfaced paths; having done it in flip-flops in the past, most footwear should be fine, but there are some steep bits that flip flops really didn’t help.

View of Bath from Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park: View of Bath

For the more adventurous head over to Little Solsbury Hill located to the north-east of the city. There is a lonely bench on the south western side that looks out over the river valley and hills that surround Bath. This view reveals Bath as a home, people’s houses small and big, allotments and the rural setting. It is one of our year round favourite spots, a calm place for a picnic or reclusive thought. The exposed top of the hill is huge, great to walk around to take in the 360 degree views and even better for kite flying. This old hill fort can only be accessed on foot through fields with public rights of way, so you’ll need appropriate footwear and you may need to dodge some cows!

View of Bath from Little Solsbury Hill
Little Solsbury Hill: View of Bath

The best view from a pub has to be Hare & Hounds , a traditional Pub on the Lansdown Road. The pub has a large beer garden that looks east over rolling countryside and Chalcombe village. Walk a little further up the hill to Beckford Tower and you can see the western expanse of the city, a more industrial side to Bath that is still surrounded by rolling countryside.

View of valley from Hare & Hounds in Bath
Hare & Hounds: View of valley

If you are after something cultural with wow factor but feeling a little delicate, head to Lansdown Crescent or Camden Crescent. The Georgians really knew how to pick their spot, all Bath’s crescent have million pound views. Just off Lansdown Road, Camden Crescent is the easiest to reach and gives a broad view across the city, taking in Bath Abbey and Prior Park .

Further up the hill is Lansdown Crescent, which feels like a secret or nearly forgotten part of Bath. The view looks out over a green valley, deceptively hiding the city below. It is a special place, and our favourite Crescent in Bath .