The Stable

1-3 Westgate Building, Kingsmead Square, Bath, BA1 1EB
The Stable in Bath: Front view with customers engaged in reading the menu, as they anticipate the delectable offerings of this popular eatery
The Stable


The Stable is a pizza, pies & cider house that specialises in using locally sourced produce. The classics are there like Margherita, but most have a twist to make it extra tasty or locally unique. The game is in the name, like ‘The Pump Room Piggy’ playing on the history of Bath and locally sourced bacon. It is a great idea, and makes choosing your pizza an entertainment in its own right. To complete the local picture they serve a wide range of cider, almost too many to choose from. If like us you are overwhelmed by choice you can personally select a tasting board of five.


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Map showing The Stable