Bath Restaurants British

Discover the essence of British cuisine in Bath, with a delightful array of traditional dishes served in charming eateries

People relaxing at The Bathampton Mill beer garden during Summer in Bath

The Bathampton Mill

Riverside pub - Real Ales - Wines - Alfresco

Hall and Woodhouse in Bath: Front entrance of a popular pub, known for its great food, drinks, and charming ambiance

Hall & Woodhouse

The Hall & Woodhouse is a large modern bar and restaurant located in the centre of town. They have 4...

The Hop Pole in Bath: Traditional front view of a historic pub, showcasing its character and inviting atmosphere

The Hop Pole

Charming pub with great character - Real Ales - Wines - Alfresco - Food served lunchtime through to early evening

The White Hart in Bath: Front view of a historic inn, emanating charm and offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests

White Hart Inn

The White Hart Inn is located just over the river from the train station. The welcoming ambience is backed up...

Priory in Bath: Front view adorned with climbing plants, creating a charming and inviting ambiance at this historic establishment

The Bath Priory

The Priory is a Michelin-starred restaurant in the north-west of the city, in the tranquil village of Western. The elegant...

The Salamander in Bath: Front view of a cozy pub with a friendly ambiance, serving up great drinks and a warm atmosphere

The Salamander

A welcoming cosy pub - Great traditional character - Real ales - Wines

The Huntsman in Bath: Charming front view of a cozy pub, exuding a warm ambiance and offering a selection of delightful drinks

The Huntsman

The Huntsman is a large real ale pub located in the city centre, overlooking Parade Gardens. The ground floor is...

Green Park Brasserie in Bath: Front view of a charming brasserie nestled in Green Park, offering a relaxed atmosphere and delicious cuisine

Green Park Brasserie

Live Jazz - Menu based on fresh local produce often sourced from the adjacent farmers market - Covered terraces to front & rear

The Herd in Bath: View of the hanging sign, signaling a renowned steakhouse known for its quality cuts and inviting dining experience

The Herd Steak Restaurant

Steakhouse - Great range of local source cuts - Alternatives for the red meat averse

The Raven in Bath: Front view with people passing by, capturing the vibrant energy of this popular pub nestled in the city

The Raven

Cosy & friendly free house pub - Real ales

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