Bath Restaurants Burger

Indulge in mouthwatering burgers at Bath's burger places, where juicy patties, gourmet toppings, and flavourful combinations satisfy cravings

Bath Brew House in Bath: Front view of a lively pub with outdoor seating at the back, offering a vibrant atmosphere and craft beer

The Bath Brew House

Pub/Bar - Onsite micro-brewery - Lounge rooms - Alfresco

Burgers and Barrels in Bath: Vibrant front view with people enjoying outdoor seating, savouring delicious burgers and drinks in a lively atmosphere


Fantastic burgers - Fresh locally sourced produce - Cooked to order - Food challenge "The Hulk"; got to see it to believe it!

The Cork in Bath: Front view of a popular pub with a lively ambiance and wide drink selection

The Cork

Lively city centre pub - Full & varied range of drinks & food - Alfresco