Bath Restaurants Coffee

Discover Bath's vibrant coffee houses, where you can sip expertly crafted coffees, unwind, and savour the inviting ambiance

Cosy Club in Bath: Entrance sign above the door

The Cosy Club

Coffee - Breakfast - Bar - Lounge - Alfresco - City centre - Overlooking Southgate Place shopping area

Society Cafe in Bath: Front view with people savouring the outdoor seating area, creating a vibrant atmosphere at this popular coffee spot

Society Café

Innovative coffee house - Exquisite coffee, tea & hot chocolate - Outdoor seating in Kingsmead Square.

The Courtyard Cafe in Bath: Lively front view with patrons savouring food and drinks in the inviting outdoor seating area

The Courtyard Café

Warm and friendly café - Scrumptious homemade food - Covered courtyard - Perfect for cream teas, relaxed coffee & cake moments.

Boston Tea Party in Bath: Bustling front view with people enjoying outdoor seating, savouring delicious treats amidst a lively atmosphere

Boston Tea Party

Good reputation for quality coffee & the traditional English breakfast

Alfresco dining at Kingsmead Kitchen in Bath

Kingsmead Kitchen

The Kingsmead Kitchen is a licensed café run by ‘The Foodie Co’ from Elcombe Farm. They have a great menu...

Bath Coffee Company in Bath: Front view of a cozy café with outdoor seating offering aromatic brews and a relaxing ambiance

The Bath Coffee Company

The Bath Coffee Company is a charming coffeehouse located on the beautiful Kingsmead Square in the city centre. This delightful...