Bath Restaurants Craft Beer

Sip and savour the finest craft beers in Bath's establishments, where local brews and unique flavours await beer enthusiasts

People relaxing at The Bathampton Mill beer garden during Summer in Bath

The Bathampton Mill

Riverside pub - Real Ales - Wines - Alfresco

Bath Brew House in Bath: Front view of a lively pub with outdoor seating at the back, offering a vibrant atmosphere and craft beer

The Bath Brew House

Pub/Bar - Onsite micro-brewery - Lounge rooms - Alfresco

The Hop Pole in Bath: Traditional front view of a historic pub, showcasing its character and inviting atmosphere

The Hop Pole

Charming pub with great character - Real Ales - Wines - Alfresco - Food served lunchtime through to early evening

The White Hart in Bath: Front view of a historic inn, emanating charm and offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests

White Hart Inn

The White Hart Inn is located just over the river from the train station. The welcoming ambience is backed up...

Crystal Palace Pub in Bath: Front view from Abbey Green, showcasing a historic pub with a vibrant atmosphere and lively surroundings

Crystal Palace

A real ale pub with a conservatory & covered courtyard, a great place for summer & winter gatherings; a Bath favourite.

Bell Pub in Bath: Traditional and welcoming front view of a historic pub, known for its cozy atmosphere and great drinks

The Bell Inn

Real ale pub with live music, open mic and vinyl DJ nights

The George Inn in Bathampton: Front view with people enjoying outdoor seating on a sunny day, embracing the delightful ambiance of this picturesque pub

The George Inn

Family friendly pub - Located by the canal - Real Ales - Alfresco

The Salamander in Bath: Front view of a cozy pub with a friendly ambiance, serving up great drinks and a warm atmosphere

The Salamander

A welcoming cosy pub - Great traditional character - Real ales - Wines

The Trinity in Bath: Front view of a charming pub, with a welcoming atmosphere and offering a diverse selection of drinks

The Trinity

Traditional British pub - Real Ale - Live music nights & coverage of sports events

Coeur De Lion in Bath: Inviting front view with people strolling down Northumberland Passage, adding a charming ambiance to a traditional setting

Coeur De Lion

Famously Bath’s smallest pub - Real Ale - Delicious range of pies and traditional pub food served lunch time through to the evening

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