Bath Restaurants Grill

Savour grilled delights at Bath's establishments, where succulent meats, vibrant flavours, and enticing aromas create a memorable dining experience

Bath Brew House in Bath: Front view of a lively pub with outdoor seating at the back, offering a vibrant atmosphere and craft beer

The Bath Brew House

Pub/Bar - Onsite micro-brewery - Lounge rooms - Alfresco

Joya in Bath: Hanging signage, inviting visitors to experience the delightful flavours and its warm ambiance


Italian restaurant - Pizza - Pasta - Chargrill - Wines

The Herd in Bath: View of the hanging sign, signaling a renowned steakhouse known for its quality cuts and inviting dining experience

The Herd Steak Restaurant

Steakhouse - Great range of local source cuts - Alternatives for the red meat averse

The Hudson Steakhouse in Bath: Elegant front view of a premier steakhouse, known for its top-quality cuts and sophisticated dining experience

Hudson Steakhouse

Award-winning - Specialising in dry aged steaks - Wines - Cocktails - Open kitchen