With a growing number of Thai restaurants to choose from in the city centre, lovers of Thai food are spoilt for choice. For us 3 stand out as special, mainly because of the consistent quality of their food, but also because of their unique character. Deciding on a number 1 is difficult, as each restaurant suits a different occasion.

For a cosy meal with friends in a buzzing atmosphere we go to Salathai. The decor of the restaurant is quirky and the food presentation is unique, which we love. Staff are always friendly, and fellow diners are happy and relaxed. Every time we eat there we are impressed by the flavours.

Thai Balcony is the best opportunity for a unique alfresco moment; on long summer evenings you can sit on the balcony looking out over Kingsmead Square. The first floor balcony is quite narrow, seating for 2 is only available. We find it perfect for those romantic moments and intimate meals.

Thai Balcony

Yum Yum Thai is great for a speedy meal. The diner style restaurant serves lunch specials which appear almost instantly, letting you enjoy a sociable meal in the quickest time. The ground floor location also helps when you have children or elderly relatives with you.

Red curry of steamed seafood & green chicken curry (lunch) @ Yum Yum Thai

Kho Thai tapas is great for groups or when you cannot decide exactly what you want. The tapas size dishes let you have a little of everything, and then order more if you fancy it. They also take a slightly more modern twist on traditional Thai food.

Tapas @ Kho Thai