Bath Attractions Gallery

Discover Bath's vibrant art scene at its galleries, showcasing a diverse range of artwork and exhibitions to inspire and captivate

The front facade of The Holburne Museum in Bath, UK

The Holburne Museum

A captivating cultural institution housing a remarkable collection of art and decorative objects

Victoria Art Gallery in Bath: Elegant entrance signage, inviting art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of artistic masterpieces

Victoria Art Gallery

The exhibits are varied and engaging, ranging from the 15th-century to the present day with big names and the unknown....

Assembly Rooms in Bath: Front view showcases a grand architectural beauty with iconic columns and a sense of historical charm

Bath Assembly Rooms – National Trust

The Bath Assembly Rooms were completed in 1771 and described as “the most noble and elegant of any in the...

Man in traditional attire in front of The Jane Austen Center in Bath, adding a touch of historical charm to the scene

Jane Austen Centre

Celebrating one of Baths most famous residents, the Jane Austen Centre provides a permanent exhibition of her life in the...