Mojito Mash-Up

Whisky Sour and Mojito cocktails from Circo in Bath
Circo Bath: Mojito and Whiskey Sour cocktail drinks

Choosing a Cocktails can be a pleasure and pain, an unpredictable moment trapped between happiness and spoilt for choice fear factor! Endless lists of tantalising names and delicious ingredients can overwhelm the innocent party animal. What makes a good cocktail, how do we choose? Old reliables like the Mojito give a certain comfort factor, but there is a world of choice to experience the new and exciting.

We did a Mojito Mash-Up , a tour of the city’s best cocktail bars to sample the ubiquitous Mojito in Bath , paired with a random or recommended counter choice.

Mojito and Pink English Garden cocktails from Porter in Bath
Porter in Bath: Mojito and Pink English Garden cocktails

The former  Porter basement cocktail bar served the best Mojito; short and sharp with clean flavours and a boozy punch, not too much ice and the occasional crunch of Demerara sugar. Alongside we tried the popular ‘Pink English Garden’, a zippy blush cocktail with fragrant notes of rhubarb and elderflower. We definitely recommend both.

Whisky Sour and Mojito cocktails from Circo in Bath
Circo in Bath: Whisky Sour and Mojito cocktails

Their sister bar Circo Bar & Lounge has now taken over the basement cocktail bar, which is great as they served the next best Mojito, too much ice pushing them off the number one spot. Our random selection from the 2-4-£10 was the Whisky Sour, which turned out to be our favourite cocktail of the experiment. The rich texture and rounded flavours were almost comforting, delicious surprise.

We found the quirkiest Mojito at MeatBusters , served in a jam jar and really full flavoured. They also served up another very good Whisky Sour that had a subtle smoky taste. The quirkiest location for cocktails had to be Opium , truly unique décor and an experience in itself alongside great cocktails.

Cocktails at MeatBusters
MeatBusters: Mojito cocktail

The The Dark Horse refreshingly doesn’t even serve a Mojito! However their cocktail menu is seasonal so it may make an appearance during the summer months. Over the winter months The Dark Horse is our favourite cocktail bar, lovely and cosy with really good quality ingredients and attentive service. Great to snuggle into.

Overall the random or recommended cocktails won outright, including Opa Meze Bar & Restaurant bars Margarita where the salt makes the taste pop and Opium bars martini. So break free of the happy hour 2-4-1 of the same cocktail, go for variety, choose something less ordinary; don’t be scared of the cocktail list!