A mediocre pizza is OK to eat, generally hits the spot at the right price. But once you’ve tried 2 of Bath’s best, there is no going back. We like pizza to be crispy and light, with super tasting toppings and a base full of flavour.

Pizza @ Real Italian Pizza Company

The Real Italian Pizza Company serves our favourite pizza in Bath. The aroma is fantastic as you walk through the door; freshly cooked pizza and pasta with a delicate hint of wood smoke. The wood fired oven means the pizzas have a great flavour and giant bubbles dotted around the base that create crispy and doughy bits to savour. They serve all the classic pizza styles and toppings with extra home made chilli oil on the side to add a bit of punch. Even if it looks busy pop in to ask for a table, as they have a large room upstairs and a courtyard to the rear. The pizzas are huge, but if we have space we like to pop next door to The Real Italian Ice-Cream Company for dessert heaven.

Real Italian Ice Cream Company

For the thin crust lover The Stable serves a delicious range of pizzas. The pizza bases are super thin and crisp, with just enough toppings to make it decadent but not soggy. The classics are there like Margherita, but most have a twist to make it extra tasty or locally unique. The game is in the name, like ‘The Pump Room Piggy’ playing on the history of Bath and locally sourced bacon. It is a great idea, and makes choosing your pizza an entertainment in its own right. To complete the local picture they serve a wide range of cider, almost too many to choose from. If like us you are overwhelmed by choice you can personally select a tasting board of five.

Pizza @ The Stable
Cider Tasting @ The Stable

If we have missed a Bath gem let us know, we’ll visit and taste test in secret: hard work, but someone has to do it!