Bath Restaurants Bar

Unwind and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Bath at its eclectic bars, offering refreshing drinks and lively atmospheres

People relaxing at The Bathampton Mill beer garden during Summer in Bath

The Bathampton Mill

Riverside pub - Real Ales - Wines - Alfresco

Hall and Woodhouse in Bath: Front entrance of a popular pub, known for its great food, drinks, and charming ambiance

Hall & Woodhouse

The Hall & Woodhouse is a large modern bar and restaurant located in the centre of town. They have 4...

The Stable in Bath: Front view with customers engaged in reading the menu, as they anticipate the delectable offerings of this popular eatery

The Stable

Pizza, pies & cider house - Specialising in using locally sourced food & produce - Live Music (Wed)

Opa in Bath: View of the signage, inviting guests to indulge in Greek flavours and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this charming restaurant

Opa Meze Bar & Restaurant

Greek meze and cocktails - Vaulted cellars - River side terrace

Circo in Bath: Striking entrance signage hanging above, signaling a lively bar experience with a vibrant atmosphere and exciting entertainment

Circo Bar & Lounge

Chic cellar bar serving award winning cocktails - One of Bath’s hot spots

Cosy Club in Bath: Entrance sign above the door

The Cosy Club

Coffee - Breakfast - Bar - Lounge - Alfresco - City centre - Overlooking Southgate Place shopping area

Turtle Bay in Bath: Front view with patrons in their outdoor seating area, enjoying the Caribbean flavours

Turtle Bay

Dine at an atmospheric Caribbean restaurant serving a range of cocktails & comfort food.

Adventure Cafe in Bath: Front view on a sunny day, featuring people seated in the outdoor seating area. The facade has large windows offering a glimpse of the vibrant interior.

Adventure Café

The Adventure Café is right in the heart of the city on George Street. It is a great all rounder...

Porter in Bath: Charming front view of a cozy gastropub, combining classic charm with a modern twist, offering a delightful dining experience


Clayton’s Kitchen - Breakfast - Café - Bar - Lounge - Private dining - Wines - Cocktails - Whiskey - Alfresco

Burgers and Barrels in Bath: Vibrant front view with people enjoying outdoor seating, savouring delicious burgers and drinks in a lively atmosphere


Fantastic burgers - Fresh locally sourced produce - Cooked to order - Food challenge "The Hulk"; got to see it to believe it!

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