Bath Restaurants Pizza

Treat your taste buds to delectable pizzas at Bath's pizza places, where thin crusts, fresh toppings, and irresistible flavours await

The Stable in Bath: Front view with customers engaged in reading the menu, as they anticipate the delectable offerings of this popular eatery

The Stable

Pizza, pies & cider house - Specialising in using locally sourced food & produce - Live Music (Wed)

Sotto Sotto in Bath: Eye-catching front signage, beckoning guests to experience the exquisite flavours and cozy ambiance of this Italian restaurant

Sotto Sotto

Italian bar & grill - Romantic atmosphere.

Joya in Bath: Hanging signage, inviting visitors to experience the delightful flavours and its warm ambiance


Italian restaurant - Pizza - Pasta - Chargrill - Wines

Real Italian Pizza Company in Bath: Front view of a bustling pizzeria, showcasing its authentic Italian charm and mouthwatering pizza creations

The Real Italian Pizza Co.

Real Italian pizza - Wood-fired pizza oven

The Oven in Bath: Front view with patrons enjoying outdoor dining, savouring delicious food in a vibrant atmosphere at this popular restaurant

The Oven

The Oven is a Neapolitan Pizzeria using wood fired ovens for that authentic flavoured fluffy and light pizza. The open...